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How to repair the Gauge of CO2 regulator?

Besides the problem of the knob of CO2 regulator, another feedback is broken of gauge.

Keep in mind, when you turn into the CO2 capsule, knob of Regulator must be in OFF position, otherwise, the gauge will broke within 1 second.

The max PSI of 16 gram CO2 capsule is 600PSI, which are 20 times of gauge range, the gauge is too "WEAK" to bear huge pressure from CO2 capsule.

Secondly, pls slow down your action when you adjust the knob, the whole tunnel (The gas need time to go though the whole system, from CO2 capsule to regulator, to spear, to mini keg of bottle, then mix and get the final average of pressure, to show the value on gauge), so when you see 5 PSI, this is not too low, it may change to 8PSI within few seconds, just pls slow down, give more time. When gauge value is stable, you can adjust the know to increase pressure flow again.

If the gauge is broken, don't worry, pls contact distributor or us for repair parts.

Pls follow this vedio, and observe the process of our engineer changing the gauge.
(Remark: The engineer using CO2 capsule only for lengthening the regulator, you can use empty CO2 capsule to avoid wasting)



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